Thursday, February 26, 2015

the spoils of winter

Hailey has had some major bowel movement issues off and on for about 3 weeks now and it's. THE. WORST.
I can't stand winter "bugs" that seem to go around and never stop. We don't even leave the house much but when she does see other kids, with their germy hands and hearty coughs, we regret it.
This morning we found her in a pool-I'm not exaggerating-of waste which was both utterly disgusting and stinky but sad and upsetting to see her in pain.

big messes mean bubble baths

At first we thought it might have been the switch to whole milk but determined that wasn't the case when I too had some stomach virus that had me hovering over our toilet in the wee hours of the morning...again, the worst. 
The Babe has been stuck on pedialyte and crackers, applesauce and everything bland. She's not gained any weight in a while but her appetite hasn't been phased in the least-she wants to eat everything! It's tough having to "wait it out" because she doesn't understand why she can't eat all the yummy things she used to. She's been a real champ about it all though-except when we visited the doctor during nap time. That was Alex's nightmare; he said so.

our sweet girl

Other than that mess...Hailey learned to walk!
Hooray Hailey! She's the best and walks with her hands in little fists near her ears, for balance I suppose. 
She started "cruising" when she was about 8 months old and we thought for sure we'd have a walker on our hands within the next few weeks...well, weeks went by, months, her birthday and you know people tell you not to worry, babies hit milestones at different times and all that and you try your best not to be too concerned but let's be honest, we were a bit nervous. It was all for naught though because once she started taking a few steps-she was off! She hardly falls and is very stable. 
It's so weird to see her walking around. She will sometimes just walk to and from the wall to the bed, to a chair, to the middle of the room and then just in circles-it's great!


she crawled under her crib and fit!

late church is no fun, this was on the way...not a good sign

so good at feeding her baby

Valentine's Day!
We love you Hailey!

Her first lollipop-she looks so serious but she LOVED it.

And then another great winter occurrence-snow!
That's right, here in the "dirty south" we got some snow and Hailey loved it! She walked around in it and she loves balls (she loves to play catch, where she throws it and we roll it back to her) so her and Alex made a snowball and threw it at me. We had tons of fun and of course everything shut down here, so it was nice to just have a relaxing, wintry day. 

So much fun playing in the snow!

Walking with Daddy (even though she didn't need his help).

With all that's going on this winter, I'd say it's turned out ok.

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